ABV analysis – By Distillation or Alcolyer, which test?

We employ 2 methods of ABV determination:

1. ABV by distillation, this is carried out following the EBC (European Brewing Convention) method and is stated on the HMRC website, section 29

2.  ABV by Anton Paar Density Meter & Alcolyzer


Both methods are very accurate and are tested every month using a proficiency scheme (BAPS) to ensure validity and consistency within the laboratory services.

Distillation is the only method mentioned by the HMRC, however there is also a statement declaring any method can be used as long as validity is assured:

Section 12.2 how can I measure alcoholic strength?

You may use any method you wish to measure the strength of beer as long as it produces results that agree with those that would be achieved using the reference method (ABV By Distillation) described in section 29“

If you have any queries regarding this analysis service please contact our laboratory team:

The Laboratory Website: laboratory.murphyandson.co.uk

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