Casklean a neutral detergent – (ideal for septic tanks)

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Cask Clean is specially formulated for use in the brewing industry for scale and beerstone removal in casks. It may be used as a “one off” quick scale remover or as a highly effective regular internal cask washing detergent.

It has excellent soil wetting, suspension and dispersion properties and is suitable for use on stainless steel, aluminium and there alloys.
Cask Clean can also be used in the beverage, food processing industries and other high care environments.

In use concentrations of Cask Clean are application dependent and should be established during trials.
Cask Clean can be used at temperatures up to 70°C, but cleaning temperatures should be optimised during trials.
Cask Clean is not suitable for direct food / beverage contact.
The following are typical example applications, users should refer to Cleaning Instruction Cards for specific guidance.
Other applications should be discussed with your Holchem Consultant.
Cask Renovation. Cask Clean is typically used at between 5% and 10% v/v for 10 minutes as a soak or spray clean to
give rapid removal of beerstone. After the detergent cycle, efficient rinsing is essential.
Cask Washing Detergent. Cask Clean is used at 0.5% to 1% v/v for internal cask washing. It can be controlled and
dosed automatically by conductivity or by a proportioner. Typical contact times are 10 to 30 seconds. After the
detergent cycle, efficient rinsing is essential.

• Excellent removal of mineral scale and beerstone.
• Good soil removal and suspension.
• Suitable for recirculation.


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