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Murphy’s How to!!! – Assembly of 3 and 5 Litre Polypins

How to Assemble a 3 and 5 litres Polypin

The polypin will come with a brown cardboard outer box


A clear inner liner

A plastic flow tap

A plastic cover for use in transport

Note: The plastic cover cap can be used to seal the polypin for transit. If this is being used then the perforated sections should not be removed before assembly as the cap will fit inside of them. When swapping the cap for the tap stand the polypin on its base unscrew and replace, checking the tap is securely in place. Lower the polypin slowly check to ensure the tap is closed and not leaking.

Assembly Using Tap Fitting

Step 1

Squeeze the sides of the box together

This will force the base sections to lock together


Step 2

Stand box up and insert filled polypin.

The flap with the perferated circule should be in the downwards position relative to the tap.


Step 3 (If using tap)


Remove perforated sections

Fold the large side flap down first followed by the two smaller flaps.

Finally fold up bottom flap

(For cap use do not remove perforated sections)


Step 4

Securing using vinyl tape


Step 5

Pull Tap forward and enjoy


Assembled Dimensions

Width    165mm

Depth   175mm

Height   155mm