Job Vacancy: Sales/Commercial Manager

Sales/Commercial Manager – NOW CLOSED

Reporting to Charles Nicholds and more generally to the executive Board.

The primary objective of the Sales/Commercial Manager is to promote and develop the Company’s sales opportunities through self supporting initiatives and the progressive management of the ‘external technical sales team that currently total 7 people including one person full time in the USA.

To manage and oversee the internal sales team including 4 internal orders takers.

To fulfil this role, you will need to be experienced with analysing all aspects of our sales data, product costing and profitability. By analysing our customer’s product mix, profitability and technical support, you will direct the ‘team’ to maximise their effectiveness.

Manage and oversee all our global distributors directly. Travel will be required to these accounts throughout the year.

The role entails researching the effectiveness of our competitors both home and abroad and using the information gained to improve our own competitive advantage.

As and when required, to be able to complete and present tenders, negotiate contracts and play an active role in the future costing and pricing initiatives of the Company.

You will co-ordinate our marketing, advertising, exhibitions and promotional activities, including all website issues.

The role will entail the investigation of potential new business, whether at new customers or with new products and to analyse any threats to existing business.

You will coordinate the introduction of new products, ensuring that all research, literature and promotion is carried out, including the training of all relevant staff.

You will be involved in promoting any training within the team that can have an impact on improving the Company’s customer focus. This may include best telephone practice, relevant information gathering by the technical team and sales order process operations. With proactive action on any issues which affects customer satisfaction and service expectations.

Actively involved in discussing, writing and delivering on company objectives for you team. Focusing predominantly on Quality, Consistency and Support. Including managing internal and external sales meetings using this as a monthly focus to tweak and direct your assessment of what is required to develop the successful growth of the Company’s sales performance.  At all times make recommendations to the Directors on anything that in your opinion would improve the technical team’s ability to operate smarter.

Salary: dependent on the level of experience.

To apply for the position please send your CV and covering letter to

The closing date for applications is Friday 5th May 2017 at 12.00pm.

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