Onsite Training Days for 2015: Yeast Management, Beer clarity, Lab Training, Microscope Day

training day

For more information please contact frances.maud@murphyandson.co.uk

                 All our courses cost £85.00 + VAT, have a maximum of 15 delegates and include food and drink and a tour of our building. Each delegate is given a training pack to take home.


26th February and 25th June. This will cover the general overview of yeast, the fermentation process, handling live yeast, microbiology and cleaning with basic CIP.


26th March and 30th July. This will cover liquor composition and its effect on stability, brewhouse control, carrageenan, isinglass and auxiliary finings and cask preparation.


23rd April and 24th September. This will cover liquor composition, kettle, auxiliary and isinglass finings optimisations and demonstrations. Will also cover yeast management and microbiology, consistency, quality and due diligence.


28th May and 27th August. This course gives you the opportunity to use your own microscope here on site, look at your own yeast and beer. We will provide you with methods of how to identify infection, perform yeast counts and their viability and identify the presence of calcium oxalate which causes beerscale. If you don’t have a microscope, purchase one at a discounted price when you pay for the course. For further information, please contact: frances.maud@murphyandson.co.uk


Jamie Ramshaw training the Charles Faram Team

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