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Lager, Lager, Lager

When some very enterprising German brewers decided to store their beer in the frozen Bavarian Alps through the summer time in the early nineteenth century, little did they know of the impact there new “Lager” creation would have on the world of beer.  Some of these brewers were so moved by the potential of this wonderous brew that they started to leave their Bavarian breweries to spread the word around Europe and refine this new brewing art.  Many on the continent were so moved by the potential of Lager and the Lagering technique that many brewing enterprises started making related products of their own giving rise to styles like the Red Lagers of Vienna.  Much credit also needs to be given to Bavarian brewer Josef Groll who, in 1842, took the brave step of heading to a little-known brewing town called Pilsen in the Czech Republic to try out his new lager recipe.  Following on from this original Pilsner (Pilsner Urquell), innovations and developments in the likes of glass bottle manufacture and refrigeration coupled with a good helping of migration meant lager quickly became a worldwide success.

Lager is as popular as ever and whether its Pilsner, Helles, Vienna Lager or Schwarzbier you are considering brewing, Murphy and Son is the place for everything you need for a flavoursome quality lager.

Liquor Treatment

Our much treasured, annual free of charge liquor analysis now includes a suggested liquor treatment for lager style beers as standard.  If you have not had you liquor checked for a while and you are a Murphys customer please send 50ml of untreated water to our lab for us to check out for you.

Our suggested lager treatment aims for a brewing liquor with adequate calcium for good brewing enzyme activity, yeast flocculation and oxalate and protein precipitation whilst mimicking the low sulphate and chloride levels of Munich and Pilsen for a crisp, light flavour.  This is best achieved with suitable additions of lactic acid to reduce alkalinity with low levels of calcium sulphate and calcium chloride to increase calcium ions.


Our new closer ties with Simpsons Malt means that we now have in stock ready for dispatch Finest Lager Malt (crushed).  This highest quality malt is slightly higher in Total Nitrogen and slightly under-modified so head / foam and mouthfeel will survive the lagering process. To add to this quality base malt, we can also supply a range of crystal malts, caramalt, wheat malt and Vienna malt (all crushed) direct from our warehouse.


Whether you are looking for traditional varieties of Noble Czech Saaz and German Hallertau hops, or looking to add a dry hop twist to your brew with new world hop pellets, we are very proud of our close relationship with Charles Faram which means we can supply the best hops around to suit your requirements.


On the dried yeast front we are pleased to hold stock of Lallemand Diamond Lager Yeast and three different Fermentis Lager Yeasts.  We also supply wet yeast cultures from the National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) which houses a vast range of lager strains originating from all over the world which can add the precise character you are looking for.

Flavour control

Diacetyl and Sulphur flavours can be problematic in lagers to help keep things under control we have the perfect products to help.

When added to wort at the start of fermentation, the enzyme Alpha Acetolactate Decarboxylate (ALDC) acts on the diacetyl precursor alpha acetolactate converting it to acetoin.  If alpha acetolactate is not present diacetyl can’t be formed so no buttery off flavours in your beer and conditioning time can be reduced.

To help keep sulphur off flavours out of your beer, Murphys have developed two zetolite products for the job.  Zetolite 65, when added to wort at the start of fermentation will prevent the formation of sulphur off flavours whilst if you notice the undesirable sulphurous aromas in your fermented product, the addition of Zetolite 63 will stimulate your yeast to reduce H2S and DMS aromas during maturation.

Don’t forget…

…an exuberant bright appearance is important with lagers and at Murphys we carry a huge range of finings and stabilisers to help achieve the desirable crisp look from brewers clarex to Super F, Silica and PVPP products, the Murphys Technical team is on hand to get this just right for you.  PGA is also a handy product to help achieve a perfect looking head on dispense.

For further information on any of the products discussed or for general advice and trouble-shooting with lager brewing please contact the Murphys Technical Team.

We Sell Key Kegs!!!!

Author: Iain Kenny, Technical Sales Representative, Murphy & Son Ltd

Contact the technical team on techsupport@murphyandson.co.uk


brewers clarity

Brewers clarex used to prevent chill haze

Brewers Clarex is an enzyme that prevents chill haze in beer. This product is so effective that it reduces or even eliminates the costly stabilisation procedure from the brewing process.
This enzymatic solution increases production capacity and reduces operational and energy costs as well as reducing your CO2 footprint.
Chill haze in beer results from precipitation of complexed polyphenol and proteins during cold storage. This precipitation has been shown to result from hydrogen bonding between polyphenols and the proline rich fraction of particular polypeptides. This haze develops over time and, initially, is reversible (haze disappears when temperature of beer increases). The chill haze can become permanent as the hydrogen bonding gets stronger.
Brewers clarex prevents precipitation by hydrolysing the sensitive (haze active) polypeptides. It cleaves specifically the sites where such hydrogen bonding occurs. The specificity of the enzyme ensures that no other beer parameters are affected.
Brewer’s clarex can be used with all kinds of malts and other raw materials. The product is added to cooled wort at the beginning of fermentation.
The required dose rate is determined by:
-the percentage of barley malt, raw barley and /or wheat of the total grist composition
-the specific gravity (plato) of the wort at the beginning of fermentation.
For more information and prices please feel free to email sales@murphyandson.co.uk


Gluten Free Beer Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Brewing Audit pgaLast year Murphy’s was inundated with queries regarding gluten free beers. We have seen a huge interest in brewers wanting to brew gluten free beers, brought on by the demands of their customers due to the increasing awareness and diagnosis of the autoimmune condition; Coeliac disease.

As most of you are aware, gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye and most of these are unavoidable ingredients when producing a good beer.

The most frequently ask questions we are receiving from this topic are:

Q: Are there any malts and grains available that are Gluten Free?

A: There are gluten-free grains, including sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, rice and corn. Gluten-free malts are not readily available in the UK and unfortunately Murphy’s do not stock any.

Q: Due to protein elimination during mashing, boiling, fermentation and maturation does the final product really contain enough gluten to cause unwanted reactions in Coeliacs?

A: It has been suggested that an intake of less than 10 mg per day is recommended to avoid negative effects. However accurate measuring is vital to produce a safe beer for Coeliacs. Please take a look at the following article written by Sylvie Van Zandycke, this useful article covers, gluten proteins in grains and beer, measuring gluten in beer and levels of gluten in commercial beers.

Please click on the following link for the article:


Q: Are there any processing aids that can be used to reduce the gluten levels?

A: It has been observed through research that the enzyme used for chill haze reduction/elimination, Brewers Clarex or Brewers Clarity(same product, but different pack size), has been known to reduce the levels of gluten in beer. With a small addition of this product during fermentation, this enzyme can cleave the proline and glutamin amino acids that are responsible for causing unwanted reactions in gluten-intolerant people.  With the help from Sylvie Van Zandycke’s article, and our Brewers Clarex tech sheet hopefully you can understand the benefits of this product.

Please click the following for the tech sheet:


If you wish to purchase this product please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: How can we find out how much gluten is in our final product?

RIDASCREEN® Gliadin competitive (Art. No. R7021) is used for the analysis of fermented and hydrolysed food (e.g. beer, starch syrup, starch, malt extract, sourdough, soy sauce) which are declared as “gluten-free”. Here at Murphy’s for just £101.89, we can provide a service, to help you carry out your gluten analysis test. This services has a 7 day turn around.  If you are interested please contact us. If you would like multiple samples (3 to 9 samples £64.53, 10 or more the price will be £54.34).